Meet Our Superstar of the Week


Our Grandma Biba, also known as Baka. She deserves all the praise this week as she keeps us all inspired and moving along.

So, what happened with our Super Baka this week? Here it goes: Lately, I have been looking for a new job for myself because everyone knows my current job contract is coming to an end faster than I can move, and I came across a lovely job post. Instructor of German, not too many hours a week, at a university that is only a ten-minute walk from our house. How perfect is that. Perfect for our Baka Biba.

I forwarded the posting to our Baka (who is, by the way, in a far-away Croatia at the moment), thinking “Wouldn’t this be nice?!” Well,… our Baka never just thinks. She just makes things happen. So, she did apply – something I maybe would not have done, she soon afterwards had her interview via skype, and considering she has had a life-looong experience teaching German, two books under her belt on teaching methodology, and a personality that charms everyone but her son-in-law (they have been gifted with the same kind of charm, which then proves to be mutually ineffective), our Baka got the job.

She is starting in September, conveniently, just a couple of weeks after she comes back to Canada, and I have already heard some current Capilano University students are thinking of taking German next year just because she is teaching it.

Aren’t we so lucky to have her… Congratulations, Baka Biba! We miss you, and can’t wait to have you back.



How to Dance to Bosnian Hip Hop

This is one of the reasons Kenan can get out of any situation. He just starts to dance, and our frowns turn to smiles. We think he is a pretty entertaining dancer…

Meet the Family – Part I

Meet Kenan, the youngest member of our family.

Growing up, I was surrounded mainly by women – I have a sister, two foster sisters, and there were several other girls living in our household during our teenage years. I went to an almost all-girls high school, almost all-girls university, I’ve never played a co-ed sport (now that I think of it, I’ve never played a team sport!), and have never really had a close male friend.

The pure thought of having a son petrified me as I never thought I would be able to connect with a little boy. Being constantly surrounded by strong women, you learn a great deal about women’s perspective on things, but I was worried I lacked the other dimension – that would help me understand this child, allow him to freely explore and learn, and grow into a confident and strong boy.

It turns out that Kenan has been a true blessing for our family. He does keep us on our toes with his endless amounts of energy, creative ability to make a mess, and his spirited individualism (we are going through a “no” to everything stage), but he has also taught us to relax, let go, and laugh. His sense of humour is very mature and very contagious. He definitely makes us laugh. He is also very gentle, kind and a child that truly enjoys sharing his food with others (not exactly the same with his toys). He shares his apples, his cheese puffs, even his candy.

Last year (when Kenan was two years old), we went for our vacation to Cabo, in Mexico. That was really hard work as he was constantly running around, jumping into pools, and not willing to sit and eat. All the waiters at our hotel would laugh at us as it was impossible not to notice that woman that would get pulled into the pool in her clothes. (I had no choice: he couldn’t swim!) He became known as “El Travieso,” which is the Spanish translation for “Dennis the Menace.”

Well, our Travieso is definitely not as hard work any more, but he still comes up with the best acts of mischief a child can think of. He is also the cutest kid ever.

Kenan has also taught me that the universe sends us not what we want, but what we need – because we really do need it – to keep growing, learning, and finding ourselves. He has opened the doors for us that I never thought existed. Thanks to having the experience of being a mother to this little boy, I have become a better and humbler person. And also… a much more confident mother.

Why a Blog?

1. To start moving on my to-do list. (Seriously, this is not a made-up reason). A blog has been on my to-do list for a year or so. And my to-do-list keeps growing year after year, with fewer things to cross out each year, and with entries of new things-to-do exponentially growing. When I look at my list the next time I feel it’s time to do an audit (and this usually happens around New Year’s), I will ceremoniously cross out that blog off my list. So there.

2. To keep in touch with my lovely family and friends, who I can not keep up with anymore. You are all moving too fast for me. So, this will be my little hang-out spot, a place where you can find me, when you find some time.

3. To write about my sufi journey. And that’s a looong story. A never-ending story. A story that deserves a blog, for sure.